Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does WoodnLite manufacture its doors and Sidelites in wood?

A: Yes, in the last 40 years, WoodnLite, a subsidiary of Ventsam Sash and Doors MFG, manufactures wood doors, windows, sidelites, wood panels, and other specialty wood products in Southern California. Our production staff makes every effort to build high-quality products and ship your orders on time and complete.

Q: How do I get pricing?

A: You can get pricing directly from our website www.woodnlite.com or by contact us directly at 818-768 6424. You can submit a Quote Request with your specific part # and quantities through our online website.

Q: Can I expedite an order?

A: Upon receipt of an order, please request the desired delivery date, and we will always be glad to accommodate our customers. WoodnLite manufactures most products within 2-3 weeks lead-time (some custom opening can take longer). An extra charge may be applied to a rush order.

Q: Are WoodnLite door Rails and Sidelite made of solid wood?

A: WoodnLite door rails and sidelites are all solid wood and sold unfinished ready to stain. We do offer a variety of species upon request.

Q: Can I Get the Sidelite Rails in Custom Size?

Yes you can, however, the wood can be cut on the job site with standard chop saw.

Q: Are WoodnLite doors And Sidelite Rails surface is a veneer?

A: No, All doors and sidelite rails are solid wood.

Q: What is the warranty on a WoodnLite door?

A: All products that are manufactured through WoodnLite have a three-year warranty. Please review our warranty, and we'll be available to assist you with any request.

Q: Does WoodnLite offer PDF and/or CAD files?

A: .dwg, .PDF files for most products are available here.

Q: Where can I find hardware?

A: WoodnLite does sell hardware for its doors on our website. Customers can also find a variety of door closers, pulls and locks hardware are available with other vendors.

We’re happy to assist you with any request.

+1 (818) 768-6424